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Forestry & Climate Change

We keep the future of forests in perspective

Forests have a key function in reducing Greenhouse Gases (GHGs), maintaining biodiversity and serving as a source of livelihood for a substantial amount of the world’s population. Forest ecosystems have a key role in the Paris Agreement of the UN Climate Convention. GAF is specialized in Forest Monitoring applications by using cost-effective geospatial technologies and satellite borne data providing ‘fit for purpose’ information services to decision makers at both national and international levels.

The use of Earth Observation resources to monitor forests, detect changes to forest cover, and assess both anthropogenic and natural disasters in forested areas is a great asset in forest management globally. Customers benefit from our long-standing experience and expertise developing lasting and adaptable forest management support solutions.

See here how GAF facilitates sustainable forest management, innovative solutions, forest mapping and monitoring services of forest cover and biomass changes in various ecosystems worldwide.