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New Managing Director at GAF AG

Dr. Gernot Ramminger takes over from Dr. Sebastian Carl.


New Managing Director at GAF AG, 1 July 2018

Dr. Sebastian Carl takes over from Dr. Peter Volk.


New Branch & Company site: GAF AG Branch Neustrelitz

Euromap Satellitendaten-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH merges with its parent company GAF AG.


Dr. Peter Volk follows Dr. Rupert Haydn as Managing Director of GAF AG


GAF comes under the roof of the Italian Telespazio Group.

GAF, it’s majority of company shares going over to e-GEOS S.p.A. Italy, an Telespazio-/ASI (Italian Space Agency) -company, is now part of the Telespazio Group, a multinational network, and strategically embedded in the Space Alliance of the European high-tech leaders Leonardo and Thales.


GAF is being converted into a stock company and becomes GAF AG


GAF subsidiary Euromap is founded by Dr. Rupert Haydn, Managing Director.

GAF, via Euromap, acts as the exclusive distribution channel in Europe for data from the Indian Remote Sensing IRS-1C and IRS-1D satellites, which at that time have an unprecedented spatial resolution of 5.8 m. On behalf of Euromap, the German Aerospace Centre's (DLR) technical facilities in Neustrelitz have received and made available the raw data of five Indian satellite missions over the last 18 years. Euromap carries out data acquisition planning, archiving and processing, as well as the European distribution of derived products and managing successful projects in the fields of mass data processing, software development and the thematic analysis of satellite data.


Munich, October 1985

GAF is founded in Munich by Dr. Rupert Haydn

Dr. Rupert Haydn sets up GAF - Gesellschaft für Angewandte Fernerkundung (GAF), Company for Applied Remote Sensing – with the support of an independent international development consultancy firm, based in Essen, Germany, „Agrar- und Hydrotechnik GmbH (AHT)“, today, AHT GROUP GmbH and the Wittelsbach Compensation Fund (Wittelsbacher Bavarian Trust Fund).