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Insurance & Asset Management

Understand your risk profile with geodata

As a public authority, a commercial enterprise or an insurance company, comprehensive risk management is crucial to plan for the unexpected. Geodata makes it easier: it helps you calculate risk exposure, mitigate impacts of disasters and analyze infrastructure integrity.

GAF unlocks your geodata potential: with us, you can keep track of your asset inventory, understand your portfolio exposure to disasters or quickly assess losses when natural disasters occur. With our unique team of cross-sectoral experts including insurance & statistics specialists, geo-technology professionals, application developers and machine/deep learning & cloud freaks, we provide cutting-edge, cost-effective and sustainable geospatial solutions to serve your needs.

With our 3D visualization and rapid mapping services, we support primary insurers and reinsurers to speed up the claim handling processes for events such as:

  • Industrial accidents
  • Environmental disasters (earthquakes, landslides, infestations etc.)
  • Climate risk and weather impacts (storms, floods, drought etc.)