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Consulting & Know-how Transfer

Service provision with experience and passion 

GAF is a leading company in the provision of consultancy and technical assistance services.  We bring our expertise and experience from more than 1,500 projects worldwide to make Earth observation and geoinformation work for our customers, with the ultimate aim of achieving sustainable development and reducing poverty.

We offer three complementary pillars: these are consultancy and technology engineering with accompanying know-how transfer and capacity building. Our experts work in the fields of natural resources and raw materials, environment and water, forestry and agriculture, infrastructure and emergency management. We provide sustainable end-to-end solutions that harness EO and new technologies to support digital transformations in the areas of resource management, inventories, monitoring and planning. 

Multidisciplinary approach and independent

In a wide range of thematic domains, we work in a multidisciplinary way for public and private sector users and have been at the forefront of operationalisation and innovation for several decades. This cross-fertilisation approach in terms of expertise and technology often offers significant advantages. GAF is independent of vendors and technology providers, so our top priority is serving our customers in the best possible way.   

  • Early detection of artisanal small-scale mining in Venezuela
  • support the EU Knowledge Hub Digital (KHD) dedicated to Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI), space and earth observation, and digital development
  • Technical assistance for the Land Rights Administration Modernisation Programme PROMOGEF in Senegal
  • Technology based adaptation to climate change in rural areas of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan: Earth Observation Laboratory (EOL)
  • Consulting Services for KfW’s RMMV – Remote Management, Monitoring and Verification System
  • Legal and technical examination of selected compliance assurance issues for environmental enforcement at EU and national level
  • Technical assistance to the Ghanaian EUGAP/GIZ REACH/ComCashew Project
  • Visualisation and use of seasonal forecasts for water management for large dams and reservoirs in semi-arid regions
  • Technical Assistance for Strengthening the National Nature Protection System for Implementation of Natura 2000 Requirements
  • GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Monitoring / Copernicus) Technical Assistance Team to the AU
  • Darfur Natural Resources and Land Use Database and Maps for Planning