A comprehensive framework

Based on 20 years of experience in the institutional setup and implementation of mining cadastres, eMC+ is our framework for providing mining cadastre authorities worldwide with a complete package of services and a dedicated software platform. eMC+ enables institutions to increase their management capacity and efficiency by delivering a comprehensive mineral tenure management solution.

Wide range of consulting services

A country’s legal jurisdiction provides the basis for its mining cadastre. This generally comprises a mining act, mining regulations and all the relevant laws regarding the management and issuance of mineral tenures. Our experts provide advice on legislative issues, related types of mineral or natural resources, environmental obligations, agreements on community development, fiscal arrangements, sharing of geological or mineral information and other aspects such as reporting requirements.

Database development

Access to precise and reliable information is of fundamental importance for the management of mineral tenures. Consequently, the collection and verification of mineral tenure data, and its integration into a single data repository, are of the utmost importance. This process, often referred to as a pre-cadastre or pre-computerisation phase, is essential for the successful implementation of mining cadastres, and GAF provides assistance here in the form of consulting services and dedicated data collection tools.

Scalable and open software platform

The eMC+ platform constitutes an enterprise scale mineral tenure management solution, which is scalable, open, entirely web-based, and has configurable workflows and business rules. It is an integrated system with built-in GIS functionality based on open-source libraries. Furthermore, it has no vendor lock-in or licensing costs. The system supports the connection of regional offices and easy data exchange between different information systems via standard web-services.

Human capacity development

https://www.flickr.com/photos/ctbto/7260921726/in/album-72157629863754358/Capacity development focuses on the development of core skills and capabilities among staff, such as leadership, technical and financial management skills. This is based on the provision of technical support activities, including coaching, training, specific technical assistance and resource networking. Capacity development involves the development of human resources and the organisational environment, as well as the institutional and legal framework for the governance of mineral resources.

Maintenance and support

In order to ensure long-term and sustainable use of solutions, GAF provides system maintenance, which includes software updates with modifications and enhancements, as well as technical training on maintenance issues under operational conditions. System support typically covers assistance regarding frequently asked questions, database related issues and general system operating issues. Prospective system migration and expansion scenarios can also be covered.

For more information about eMC+, please see  emcplus.gaf.de.