Mineral Resources Platform

With more than a decade of experience in GIS-based geological and mineral information systems, we developed the GeMinIS platform to support mineral and natural resource management. GeMinIS integrates data from various geoscientific disciplines, governmental institutions - like geological surveys - and mining companies in order to analyse and exploit mineral exploration and mine production data for mineral potentials.

Central data repository

The GeMinIS is designed and programmed to manage, store, visualise, process, and publish data and reports of various types from heterogeneous sources. This central repository supports access, interpretation, and exploitation of geological and mineral information nationwide. The central data storage is managed by the free and open source PostgreSQL database with PostGIS extension.

Database management and dissemination

Access to precise, topical, and reliable thematic information is of fundamental importance for the management of mineral resources. GeMinIS includes built-in data and user administration with access management (security), quality control procedures and metadata management. Data dissemination to the general public and registered users is implemented via map views, catalogues and data order forms.

Scalable and open system

The GeMinIS platform is an enterprise natural resources management solution, which is scalable and open with configurable business rules. It is an integrated system with built-in GIS functionality based on open-source libraries and is free of any vendor lock-in or licensing costs. Data exchange with a range of information systems is enabled through standardised web-services.


The GeMinIS is designed to connect to other web services, information systems and databases such as mining cadastres, health and safety records, operational reports and environmental monitoring and study data sets. The GeMinIS services and its database design are compliant with international standards including OGC, ISO, and USGS. The system integrates seamlessly with eMC+ and GAFmap.

Maintenance and support

System maintenance is provided for the GeMinIS; this includes software updates that provide modifications and enhancements, and technical training on maintenance issues under operational conditions. System support typically covers assistance regarding general system operating topics, system extensions, and development of customisations.

For more information please contact geminisatgaf [dot] de or download the brochure (PDF).