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GAF receives the EARSC Product Award 2022 for AgroSoil

GAF is proud to have won the prestigious EARSC Product Award 2022 for its new soil moisture product AgroSoil at the EXPANDEO and FIRE Forum in Brussels

This year, the EXPANDEO and FIRE Forum joint event took place on 14 and 15 June 2022 at the International Auditorium in Brussels and online. The event offered high-class networking of the EO-Community. Our participants Peter Navratil, GAF Project Manager Agricultural Information Systems, and Stefan Saradeth, our GAF Commercial Coordinator were looking forward to the EARSC Awards 2022 ceremony at the evening of 14 June, because GAF had been one of the three nominees for the EARSC Product Award 2022.

It had already been an honour and a great success to have been among the three finalists for the EARSC category “Product Award 2022”, due to the exceptionally high-calibre competition in the run-up. From 12 entries for the Product Award, eight fellow competitors went to the jury of ESA, EUSPA, EC DG RTD and World Bank. Finally, from those eight strong contestants, the jury selected three nominees who were invited to the EARSC Award Ceremony at the BelVue Museum in Brussels.

Eventually, Emmanuel Pajot, Secretary General of EARSC, announced GAF AG as the winner of the EARSC Product Award 2022. Peter Navratil happily received the prize from Jean Dusart, Policy Officer at European Commission (DG Research & Innovation), for the innovative GAF product AgroSoil.

AgroSoil convinced the jury as it is a fully automated system that provides 4D highly accurate global soil moisture estimates in near real-time, cloud-free, daily at high spatial and vertical resolution. It is thus considered as highly relevant for serving the European Green Deal Agenda which was confirmed through the award. AgroSoil addresses at the right time the effects of climate change such as water scarcity and droughts, which requires precise and highly effective measures for a sustainable future.

Our GAF AG – AgroSoil-Team, from left to right: Peter Navratil, Théo Côme, Dr. Axel Relin, and (not in the picture) the heart and soul of the product: Dr. Kwabena Abrefa Nketia.

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