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GAF supports geospatial technology – pixel to people

GAF participated in the ISPRS Technical Commission 5 Education and Outreach Symposium, focusing on the motto “geospatial technology – pixel to people”, in the IPAC session on international cooperation focusing on EO for support of sustainable development and technical assistance, taking place in Dehradun/India from 20-23 November 2018, here ISRO Director Prakash Chauhan is thanking the panelists.

The deputy head of GAF’s Technical Assistance and Consulting Services department presented recent advances in earth observation services and issues of developing countries’ better benefitting in EO exploitation and participated in the respective panel discussions. A closer look at cooperation possibilities with ISRO’s institute for capacity building in remote sensing should allow the utilization of their impressing resources for upcoming monitoring activities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. This visit is further helping to forge an even closer tie with Antrix, the commercial arm of ISRO, and is building another, new, and important aspect in one of the longest business cooperations in the international commercial earth observation arena.

From left to right: Prog Manager Pierre Tabary of CNES, Steven Hosford of ESA/ESRIN, Gunter Schreier of DLR, R.R. Navalgund of ISRO, Lena Halounova of ISPRS, Director Prakash Chauhan of ISRO, Antje Küpper of GAF, Dir. RSDS Arun Arunachalam of Antrix, Prog Director DMS Shantu Bhatawdekar of ISRO, Syed T. Ahmed of ESCAP

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