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GeMinIS – Geological and Mineral Information System

The golden vein to successful mineral and natural resource management

When you use GAFs GeMinIS scalable GIS-based geological and mineral information platform for your mineral and natural resource management procedures you can relax and know everything is covered. GeMinIS is a central repository that manages, stores, visualises, processes and publishes data via map views, catalogues, data order forms and reports and surveys from multiple geoscientific disciplines, governmental institutions and mining companies.

GeMinIS easily integrates precise topical, geological and mineral information in order to analyse and exploit mineral exploration, surveys and mine production data for mineral potentials – and it proves as profitable as locating the fabled golden vein itself.

See more about how GeMinIS makes it easy to comply with international standards including OGC, ISO, and USGS:

  • GeMinIS built-in data and user administration access management (security)
  • Quality control procedures and metadata management for compliance
  • Seamless integration with eMC+ and GAFmap.