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Geology, Mining, Oil & Gas

GAF in the mineral and oil & gas sector

Many countries in the world have favourable geological conditions for the exploitation of mineral and hydrocarbon resources but lack the institutional, administrative and technical capacities to manage this sector. To overcome this gap, GAF has developed a range of services to establish state -of-the-art and effective institutional and administrative structures in the mining sector.   

GAF is an international provider of consulting services, technical solutions, institutional strengthening and capacity building in the mineral and oil & gas sector for public and industrial clients based on state-of-the-art geospatial information technology and EO data. We provide sustainable solutions ranging from mine information systems to exploration support. Exploration services include geological mapping, structural studies, mineral alteration maps and mineral potential analyses based on satellite Earth observation, GIS analyses and field surveys.

Our expertise also covers capacity and institutional strengthening for mining cadastres and mine inspectorates, including HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) and ASM (Artisanal and Small-scale Mining) management functions.

In addition to consultancy services, we provide technical software solutions such as electronic mining cadastres and geological/mineral information systems for mining inspectorates and geological surveys.

Find out more about our previous projects:

  • Implementation of a mining cadastre in Burkina Faso
  • Madagascar geological mapping – Carto Sud
  • Drafting Regulations and Conducting Mine Inspections in DR Laos 
  • Design and Installation of Geological Data Management Information Systems in Malawi
  • Mine compliance monitoring in Madagascar
  • Development of the Mines Inspectorate (Cadastre) in Nigeria
  • ASM Alert – Venezuela