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LaFIS® Leading administrative Solutions in Agriculture​

For our daily bread: GIS services for the European Union IACS, e-government and agriculture

We at GAF are old hands at creating digital solutions that support EU farmers and administrations fulfil their reporting and quality assesment obligations required by the European Unions Integrated Administration and Control System’s (IACS). When the agricultural industry uses LaFIS®, our tailored integrated administrative geo-technology software, they benefit from inbuilt analysis and reporting tools like being able to find the right balance between price, weather, investment, food production and markets, understanding organic farming requirements as well as quality assessment and reporting.

LaFIS® simplifies monitoring of the compliance to national/European CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) and the European Green Deal Policy. It can be integrated with GAFmap®.

Case Study / Example
LaFIS adapts to all major IT systems. Explore GAFs IACS-GIS solutions for administrations:

  • LaFIS-LFK®: Compilation and maintenance of reference systems (LPIS)
  • LaFIS®-QC: Quality assessment + EU reporting
  • LaFIS®: EU compliant support for administrative controls
  • LaFIS®– Mobile: Assistance for administrative on-the-spot controls
  • LaFIS®– AppServer: Server-based processing and system integration
  • LaFIS®– VOK App 
  • GAFmap®: Rich GIS for OTSC, CwRS & more