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A key to the GAF world in 3D – Dr. Pablo d’Angelo (DLR) awarded the Manfred Fuchs Innovation Prize

Dr. Pablo d’Angelo, from the Remote Sensing Methodology Institute (IMF) at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), was awarded the Manfred Fuchs Innovation Prize for his elevation model algorithm by the Society of Friends of DLR (GvF) on 11/11/2021. This algorithm has enabled the development of very high resolution and extremely precise elevation models.

Dr. Sebastian Carl, GAF CEO, gave a speech praising the DLR scientist: “His algorithm has been an absolute game changer. It allows us to generate and provide surface models with resolutions of 30 cm to 5 m from any source data in various forms under the label GAF Elevation Suite as standard products. Since 2008, we have produced almost 13 million km² of coverage with a 5 m resolution and over 100,000 km² in VHR resolutions of 50 cm and better.”

D’Angelo’s outstanding scientific expertise, combined with the required pragmatism and his empathy, form the basis for a longstanding and successful cooperation between science and industry: Together, from the very start and right through until the present, DLR and GAF have succeeded in further developing and optimising this technology for use in a very diverse range of applications in a pioneering manner.

The digital surface models, created with the help of DLR methods, meet the highest quality standards and are widely used, for example for land and environmental monitoring, security applications and traffic management.

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