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Agriculture & Food Production

Reliable agricultural data to shape the future

GAF meets the need for reliable information in a changing world for the whole value chain — farmers, food industry, brokers, insurers, agencies, banks and governments. With our geospatial solutions, we analyse changing environmental conditions and crop development, provide valuable information on cropped area and yield, identify risks from actual & historic extreme weather conditions, enable production & loss estimates, asset & risk management and support governments in managing agricultural policies. 

Access our unique team of cross-sectoral experts including agronomists, geo-technology professionals, application developers, policy & statistics specialists and machine/deep learning & cloud freaks. Reap the benefit from our more than three decades of experience in providing cutting-edge, cost-effective and sustainable geospatial solutions to serve your demands. 

  • Operational web-application for insurers/reinsurers 
  • Drought analytics up to continental scale and local flood analytics 
  • Continuous monitoring of agricultural land for various stakeholders.