The challenges of the future

Agricultural markets worldwide are facing turbulence due to increasing demand and food/non-food conflicts. Production risks are also becoming even more pronounced due to weather events and climate change.  Consequently, the global need to secure agricultural production is expected to rapidly increase as the earth’s population continues to grow. An increase of at least 50% in agricultural production is targeted by 2050, while greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and the clearing of forests have to be reduced. These goals can only be met if we succeed in using natural resources and agricultural land more efficiently and manage to achieve improvements in consumption and distribution. Balanced food production, distribution and pricing are gaining increased importance, for economic, political and humanitarian reasons, and impose global challenges regarding agricultural policies.

Complex tasks require strategic decisions

Decision makers face increasingly multi-layered and partly contradictory requirements. The targeted substantial increase in production should also incorporate environmental sustainability, especially with regard to balanced freshwater consumption, nutrient supply and forest preservation. On the micro-level of the farm, strengthening the resilience of producers in the face of climatic changes, price volatility and market concentration is currently an area of particular focus. Especially the compensation of negative economic consequences of production losses due to adverse climatic effects, plagues, diseases and other damage is becoming increasingly vital.

Safeguarding requires informed partners

GAF provides solutions based on a very informed use of earth observation technologies, with the aim of serving the strategic information needs in the agricultural domain. Our experts understand the demands of users, regardless of whether these are the European Commission, national authorities and ministries, the insurance sector, the agro-industry or farmers. We offer leading-edge and trusted geo-information solutions, which enable direct and efficient access to a wealth of essential information, services and tools required by policy makers and practitioners in the agricultural sector.

Governance – informed & enabled

GAF has been providing leading geospatial services and solutions for agricultural administrations and agencies for more than two decades and through three reforms of the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). These are used to secure sustainable food production and the comprehensive services include assisting various national implementations of the Integrated Administrative Control System (IACS) defined by the European Commission. IACS-related services include the controlling of subsidy declarations with remote sensing (CwRS), the setup, maintenance and quality control of land parcel identification systems (LPIS), the implementation of extensive geospatial components for IACS (IACS-GIS), consultancy, requirements analyses, database setup, training and maintenance, as well as further application and technology-oriented evolution of systems.

Insurance and financing – transparent & secure

Crop financing contracts as well as insurance contracts and the underwriting of insurance products require the availability of independent and reliable data for risk evaluation, adequate monitoring and information management of insured values, and the responsive organisation of timely, knowledgeable and documented loss adjustment procedures. During recent years, GAF has developed appropriate geospatial solutions for such uses, in close collaboration with the insurance sector. These assist users with the efficient provision, management and control of financing and policies for farmers.

Farming – productive & sustainable

GAF’s geo-information technology solutions provide the data and tools required for conducting adaptive farm management in the face of changing environmental conditions, monitoring crop development, supporting decision making in precision agriculture and securing farmers’ income by enabling submission of comprehensive and standardised subsidy declarations.


Services for administrations
  • Institutional consultancy
  • Declaration management supported by geo-Information technology
  • Setup and maintenance of land registration systems
  • Local/national crop monitoring systems


Services for farmers
  • Precision farming support
  • Subsidy declaration support
  • Geodata analysis and integration


Services for the financial, industrial and insurance sectors
  • Asset management
  • Risk management
  • Commodity volumes

GAF’s geospatial software solutions:

  • LAFIS® – the leading IACS-GIS for administrations
  • LaFIS-LFK®: Compilation and maintenance of reference systems (LPIS)
  • LaFIS®-QC: Quality assessment + EU reporting
  • LaFIS®: EU compliant support for administrative controls
  • LaFIS®-Mobile: Assistance for administrative on-the-spot control
  • LaFIS®-AppServer: Server-based processing and system integration


  • AgroView® – the application for farmers
  • AgroView® CD:   Desktop application for agricultural subsidies
  • AgroView® Online:  Web-based application for agricultural subsidies