Agricultural markets worldwide are facing turbulence due to increasing demand and food/non-food conflicts. Production risks are also becoming even more pronounced due to weather events and climate change. Balanced food production, distribution and pricing are gaining increased importance, for economic, political and humanitarian reasons, and impose global challenges regarding agricultural policies. GAF has been providing leading geospatial services and solutions for agricultural administrations and agencies for more than two decades and through three reforms of the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

In this context, we are controlling subsidy declarations of farmers with remote sensing, we take care of land parcel identification systems (LPIS), and the implementation of most components for IACS including any application and technology-oriented evolution of systems. Our solutions provide the data and tools required for conducting adaptive farm management in the face of changing environmental conditions, monitoring crop development, supporting decision making in precision agriculture and securing farmers’ income by enabling submission of standardised subsidy declarations.

© Pixabay (Creative Commons CC0)
© Pixabay (Creative Commons CC0)


Services for administrations
  • Institutional consultancy
  • Declaration management supported by geo-Information technology
  • Setup and maintenance of land registration systems
  • Local/national crop monitoring systems


Services for farmers
  • Precision farming support
  • Subsidy declaration support
  • Geodata analysis and integration


Services for the financial, industrial and insurance sectors
  • Asset management
  • Risk management
  • Commodity volumes

GAF’s geospatial software solutions:

  • LAFIS® – the leading IACS-GIS for administrations
  • LaFIS-LFK®: Compilation and maintenance of reference systems (LPIS)
  • LaFIS®-QC: Quality assessment + EU reporting
  • LaFIS®: EU compliant support for administrative controls
  • LaFIS®-Mobile: Assistance for administrative on-the-spot control
  • LaFIS®-AppServer: Server-based processing and system integration


  • AgroView® – the application for farmers
  • AgroView® CD:   Desktop application for agricultural subsidies
  • AgroView® Online:  Web-based application for agricultural subsidies
© Pixabay (Creative Commons CC0)
© Pixabay (Creative Commons CC0)
© Pixabay (Creative Commons CC0)