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Data Reception

Reception & archiving

For the direct reception of satellite data acquired within the footprint of the Neustrelitz ground station we use the services of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). DLR operates the national german satellite data receiving ground facility in Neustrelitz, located about 120 km north of Berlin. The facility has several antenna systems for high data rate reception.

With the direct downlink and reception of data from the Indian Earth Observation satellites near real time services can be offered.


Our archive of IRS raw data currently grows with an approximate rate of 9 terra bytes per year. Further, around 15 terra bytes of raw data were archived from the GeoEye-1 mission.

Beside satellite raw data we also have to archive system corrected and higher level data products, as well as intermediate products, which account for roughly 45 terra bytes in our archives. This amount currently grows by approximately 15 terra bytes per year.

Our archiving experience and expertise ranges from the shelving of SD-1 19 mm data cartridges and LTO tapes, over RAID systems to hierarchical storage systems consisting of RAID systems and robotic tape libraries.